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One To One Patient Testimonials | Tacoma, WA

In the past I have declined PT because I was dissatisfied with the lack of personal focus while I was in treatment. I am currently a patient at One To One. NOT the case here.
The issues that lead me to PT were impacting my personal and professional life. Most of the function has been returned. I am thrilled. The last little bit is probably like weight loss, the hardest. I am being gently pushed to get that last little bit. I am not doing this on my own; a staff member is at my side, making certain I am using my body the way the therapy requires. They see if I need more instruction, tweak my technique, etc.
I could not be more pleased with One To One.
Posted By: Teri K.
Erik Waterland is an excellent physical therapist. Since my first visit, I have been impressed by his insight, plan of care, and manual therapy. Not only does he target acute symptoms and challenges, but more importantly, he treats the whole body by focusing on the imbalances and poor mechanics causing physical discomfort. He builds relationships with his patients acknowledging that successful treatment must take into consideration a patient's lifestyle and motivation. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Erik Waterland.
Posted By: Sarah S.
I have been really impressed with the support and care Erik Waterland has provided me both through a Fleet Feet workshop he led on injury prevention and PT work that he did on my achilles tendonitis. The explanations he provided and exercises he taught me really helped me develop new healthy habits as a runner. In addition the scraping and general treatment he did on my achilles and muscles really helped me improve. I thought I would be dropping out of the marathon at a certain point, and instead got a PR without any flare ups. I've recommended Erik to several friends who also have been happy with the work he's done on them. Thank you Erik for your attention and good intention for helping people move the way they are intended to. :)
Posted By: Danielle H.
My life long friend, Dr. Thomas Egnew teaches the MD residents for Multicare about patient care and "bedside manner". Many years ago he told me that " people heal better when they feel loved'. I felt this the moment I stepped into your facility and because of that I feel that I have made improvements in my recovery at an accelerated rate. When everyone in the office is "on the same bus and each person is in the right seat on the bus, the intangible magic can really happen." There is always this struggle between work and play. The trick is to find something to do that you are passionate about and then the work feels like play. (It also helps that you are ALL wicked smart!)
Posted By: David H.
There was a period in my life when I had back pain every day. I tried many kinds of other treatments to lower back weekly. Then my family practitioner suggested I see Deb Kristovich at One to One Physical Therapy.
Ten years later: I am pain free and haven't needed any other treatments.
With lots of TLC (and gentle prodding), I learned how to strengthen my core, stretch regularly, do exercises at home daily and the basic behavior that helps protect my back. I am now a “wellness” patient and continue to work out weekly at One to One.
It has been a family affair: my husband had two knee replacements and completed all his therapy at One to One Pt. He also continues as a wellness patient.
M J and Jim Lockemy
Posted By: MJ L.
I have gone to Deb at One to One Physical Therapy twice. The first time was for rehab on my knee, a very new experience for me as I had never needed physical therapy before. Deb was my physical therapist and from the first day I felt that she would get me back to skiing in no time at all - and she did. Not only was Deb knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and supportive, she was/is one of the nicest people I have met. The sessions were focused on my recovery and, because of Deb, they were fun too. Little did I expect to be laughing through my exercises. And that made me work harder. So, two years later it was not hard to decide where to go when I needed physical therapy for a new problem with my back. Once again the therapy was as effective, professional, supportive and positive as it was two years ago. If I ever need physical therapy again, One to One is be where I want to be. Thanks Deb!
JoAnn P
Posted By: JoAnn P.
121 PT has been instrumental in keeping me healthy enough to compete in my sport (Track and Field) on a world level. There have been at least 3 times in the past 12 years that a debilitating injury came up during my training season preceding a World Meet. Deb, Erik and Rachel were always so supportive and helped me get back to being healthy so that I could step back in to my training and compete. Going in there is always such a positive experience and downright fun! The work is tough but always effective. If I had to tell you why 121 is different or better than another PT Clinic, my first response would be the people who work there, my second would be the wealth of knowledge that they possess as an eclectic group. It's AMAZING!
I love that place!
Martha Mendenhall, Coach
World Champ/High Jump
Posted By: Martha M
Earlier this year, I added physical therapy to a growing list of “firsts” - first broken bone, first surgery, and first hospital stay. After happily avoiding all these things for fifty years, I severely dislocated my ankle, broke the end off of a bone in my lower leg, and ruptured half a century’s worth of ligaments when I fell while cleaning up storm debris in January. This severe injury required six weeks in a hard cast with no weight on my leg so I knew I’d need a lot of help to get back in shape. But, I also needed help to figure out what was happening, what to expect and how to safely and quickly regain the use of my leg. I went to Deb at One to One PT the day after the hard cast came off. She not only carefully evaluated the considerable damage but also mapped out the path ahead. And, she quickly figured out that this was a new and intimidating experience for me. Little did I know this first visit was just a small sample of how I would spend my Tuesdays and Friday mornings for the next several weeks. Deb always took whatever time I needed to explain what was happening, teaching me how to work the joint, muscles and leg in safe and appropriate ways to avoid re-injury. With Deb’s amazing help, I’m walking again, without crutches, cane and no limp! I hope I never need physical therapy again, but if I do, I’ll go straight to One to One Physical Therapy!!!
Posted By: Wolfgang O.
My physician first referred me to One to One Physical Therapy back in 2006 and then again this year for a back injury following a fall. Just walking through the front door at One to One is a good experience. The atmosphere is positive and the support staff are welcoming , friendly and always supportive to my needs. Since I began my physical therapy in May my experience as been nothing but positive! Deb Kristovich, along with her awesome PT staff are extremely caring, professional, always concerned for my well being and consistently demonstrating a team approach to my therapy needs and goals; not to mention, they actually make coming to PT a fun experience! Today, I am feeling so much better! With the help of a great Physical Therapist, my back is stronger, my symptoms have improved but best of all, I have gained the knowledge and the tools needed to maintain a healthy back and prevent injuries in the future. Thank-you One to One, YOU ARE THE BEST!
Posted By: Mary T.
One to One is a fun and healing experience. They have a well-educated professional staff and a facility that is condusive to the needs of patients. I really appreciate all the staff and the relaxed nature fostered within the walls. This is my only place for PT.
Posted By: Brian H.

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