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One To One Patient Testimonials | Tacoma, WA

I am a mental health therapist and I know something about mind & body synchronizing. One to One has helped me to do both and more. I feel the staff always listens to me…they have established trust and rapport with me and are extremely competent and great advocates. I would send and recommend all family and friends to One to One….. and the music is GREAT!
Posted By: Jimmie W.
One to One PT is true to its name!! Whatever the injury or issue you are dealing with, this place is going to make a positive difference and you will walk away feeling better while gaining confidence and knowledge about health and fitness that truly rings true to you!!!
Posted By: Dani S
The young man at the front desk is so friendly and cute, he has one of the best smiles I have ever seen. Most definitely one of the reasons I will continue Physical Therapy.
Posted By: Rebecca D.
One to One PT is EXCELLENT! The Physical Therapists are very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. They listen to your concerns and help you regain your lost skills. I would highly recommend One to One Physical Therapy to anyone!
Posted By: Deborah B.
I have found One to One Physical Therapy to be very supportive mentally as well as physically. I worked closely with Rachel and Deb who are great. The personalities of everyone there are terrific. It makes it fun to go to therapy. I’ve had a great experience doing PT while recovering from a broken arm. The front desk staff are pleasant and always smiling. Everyone is caring and professional. They push me when I need to be pushed and support me when I need encouragement.
Posted By: Louise F.
One to One Physical Therapy truly lives up to their name! The staff are friendly and attentive, and work to create a very welcoming and comfortable environment. During my course of therapy with Erik, he created a customized program of stretches and strength exercises that could be done both at my appointments and at home to bring my chronic back pain under control. Thanks to him I was able to walk down the aisle and dance at my wedding without fear.

I returned several months later for guidance with running and again Erik taught me about posture and pacing to keep from injuring myself. The encouragement and support I received at One to One Physical Therapy is unparalleled, and I recommend their services without hesitation.
Posted By: Anna I.
I was referred to One-to-One after a knee surgery. "Physical therapy" sounded intimidating, but their talented, caring, and professional staff actually made rehabilitation fun. Eight months after my surgery I completed a life-long goal of summitting Mt. Rainier. Since then I have recommended One-to-One to several friends. They are the obvious choice for physical therapy in Tacoma.
Posted By: Nate R.
One to One has really changed how I view athleticism and knowing how the body works, both on a daily basis and in the heat of competition. As a runner in high school I never thought that someone so young could suffer from an overuse injury, especially when I had only been running for barely a year. Thankfully, One to One was there to help me through the difficult time of rehabilitating both my body and mind in ways I never imagined! I not only got the help I needed to have a speedy recovery, but I learned techniques that would help me prevent injuries in the future as well. Everyone at One to One was so friendly, I felt like I could go to anyone with a question and they would try their best to find the most accurate and up-to-date answer. I was amazed with the knowledge and know-how of the staff, especially Erik with whom I worked with during my time at One to One. I learned lessons that, for an athlete, are invaluable to injury prevention, and were even specialized to my own individual needs. I can never express my gratitude of how they all took care of me and my injury - definitely a highlight during the difficult process of recovery.
Posted By: Heather G.
A car accident in 2010 left me with back pain that I didn't know how to address. I went to One to One with no expectations, some frustrating pain, and a referral from my primary care provider. The knowledgeable staff at One to One took on not only my back injury, but also a foot injury that had been holding me back from my running/athletic goals. Erik paid close attention, made my goals for recovery and daily living a priority, and guided me through a strength and stability program that helped me resume the activities I love. My back feels great, I am running again, and I feel my risk for injury is lessened thanks to the education and therapy I received from the staff at One to One.
Posted By: Candis L.
Following a complete knee replacement, I contacted One to One Physical Therapy for follow-up PT. I saw their newly-relocated facility on North Stevens, in the north end of Tacoma, on my first short trip away from home following surgery and decided I would call them. With trepidation, I began PT with Erik and came to know him and the other Physical Therapists at One to One Physical Therapy, as individuals with a special sensitivity to each client’s needs. They encouraged and challenged me to accomplish what I sometimes questioned as “not impossible” but what I viewed as extremely difficult physical accomplishments. However, as I watched other patients becoming extremely successful with their own PT rehab, I knew I had chosen the right physical therapist for me. Undoubtedly, I will return to One to One Physical Therapy with any future needs or questions, as a client and as a friend, knowing that I have had the fortuitous opportunity to surpass my own expectations for not only my physical but also my emotional and mental outlook on what I CAN DO when I have their support and care. As a retired social worker, I can honestly say without any hesitation, One to One Physical Therapy provides the best care for all of their clients. I could not have succeeded without them!
Posted By: Patti V.

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