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One To One Patient Testimonials | Tacoma, WA

I'm an avid endurance runner and coach who began to experience lower back pain. I first saw Erik after a consult with a chiropractor who informed me that my lower back pain was my vertebra compressing together. Rather than masking the problem, he helped guide me to the root of the issue: tight hip flexors. After a few weeks of specific exercises I have run pain free. One to One got my body strong and back into proper alignment with a great knowledge base, professionalism and outstanding expertise. I do not hesitate to send my athletes to One to One for their issues. I am empowered to have control of my health, and I have complete confidence them.
Posted By: Sabrina S.
After starting to experience some major troubles with my IT band, I knew immediately that Erik at One to One Physical Therapy was my go-to person. I met him through a running group and had heard of his successes in treating other runners with their various issues. Because he was a runner himself, I knew I could trust his advice. After our initial session he was able to figure out the main culprit of my problems and he set me on a course of action that cleared up my IT band problems in no time. I then went on to run a 50K with no issues, and by continuing with his "prescriptions," I have avoided any repeat of this, or any other injury. I honestly believe that I would not be as healthy, as strong, or as capable of a runner without One-to-One. I will be forever grateful!
Posted By: Kristine M.

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