“Nolan was my husband’s therapist. He had bilateral knee replacement and extremely weak muscles from lack of use. Nolan targeted them perfectly. Although I had very sore muscles, his techniques gave me the strength and confidence I needed. When I asked related questions he always had the answers. Thank you Nolan.”

Bill & Susan R.

“Highly recommend any of the therapists at One To One Physical Therapy. They are all very professional and concentrate solely on the client during your appointment. Every time I have required physical therapy, they have given me the tools and guidance needed to get back to an active normal life.”

Victoria C.

“Nolan was my therapist and I give him 5 stars because he listened to me and gave me feedback. He took the time to understand my concerns and fears regarding my injury. His therapy approach was what I needed to get better. Mission accomplished. Thanks Nolan.”

Mike E.

“I love this place! I have had multiple musculoskeletal issues following an injury and have been receiving treatment here for the past several months. Multiple therapists prior completely missed the root cause of one of my complaints, so I was unable to get any relief until this was noticed and addressed by staff at One to One. I’ve been steadily making progress towards re-aligning my body and will continue to work with them over the next several months to hopefully get back to where I was pre-injury.”

Google Reviewer

“Highly Professional. Great Understanding of Physical Therapy techniques. Friendly and fun!”

Benny R.

“Both Deb and Seth here are amazing. I had almost a year of PT after my rotator cuff repair and went back to roller derby confident in my recovery thanks to them. The office staff and physical therapists are welcoming and professional… They make PT fun! Highly recommend!”

Jill W.

“One To One has empowered me to have control of my health!”

Sabrina S.

“One To One Physical Therapy truly lives up to their name!”

Anna I.

“In the past I have declined PT because I was dissatisfied with the lack of personal focus while I was in treatment. I am currently a patient at One To One. NOT the case here.

The issues that lead me to PT were impacting my personal and professional life. Most of the function has been returned. I am thrilled. The last little bit is probably like weight loss, the hardest. I am being gently pushed to get that last little bit. I am not doing this on my own; a staff member is at my side, making certain I am using my body the way the therapy requires. They see if I need more instruction, tweak my technique, etc. I could not be more pleased with One To One.

Teri K.

“One to One Physical Therapy is an excellent clinic. Since my first visit, I have been impressed by their insight, plan of care, and manual therapy. Not only do they target acute symptoms and challenges, but more importantly, they treat the whole body by focusing on the imbalances and poor mechanics causing physical discomfort. They build relationships with their patients acknowledging that successful treatment must take into consideration a patient’s lifestyle and motivation. Without hesitation, I highly recommend One to One Physical Therapy.

Sarah S.

“I have been really impressed with the support and care One to One Physical Therapy has provided me both through a Fleet Feet workshop they led on injury prevention and PT work that they did on my achilles tendonitis. The explanations they provided and exercises they taught me really helped me develop new healthy habits as a runner. In addition the scraping and general treatment they did on my achilles and muscles really helped me improve. I thought I would be dropping out of the marathon at a certain point, and instead got a PR without any flare ups. I’ve recommended them to several friends who also have been happy with the work they’ve done on them. Thank you guys for your attention and good intention for helping people move the way they are intended to. ?
Danielle H.

“My life long friend, Dr. Thomas Egnew teaches the MD residents for Multicare about patient care and “bedside manner”. Many years ago he told me that “people heal better when they feel loved.” I felt this the moment I stepped into your facility and because of that I feel that I have made improvements in my recovery at an accelerated rate. When everyone in the office is “on the same bus and each person is in the right seat on the bus, the intangible magic can really happen.” There is always this struggle between work and play. The trick is to find something to do that you are passionate about and then the work feels like play. (It also helps that you are ALL wicked smart!)

David H.

“There was a period in my life when I had back pain every day. I tried many kinds of other treatments to lower back weekly. Then my family practitioner suggested I see Deb Kristovich at One to One Physical Therapy. Ten years later: I am pain free and haven’t needed any other treatments. With lots of TLC (and gentle prodding), I learned how to strengthen my core, stretch regularly, do exercises at home daily and the basic behavior that helps protect my back. I am now a “wellness” patient and continue to work out weekly at One to One.

It has been a family affair: my husband had two knee replacements and completed all his therapy at One to One Pt. He also continues as a wellness patient.