Physical Therapy Treatment

We are committed to helping you get your life back!

We know injuries can take both a physical and emotional toll and that recovering from those injuries can be demanding and challenging. At One To One Physical Therapy, each member of our staff is committed to your total well being.

Common Treatment Areas

Post-Amputee Rehabilitation

Our staff will help you regain your activity tolerance with or without your prosthetic limb.

If you have a prosthesis, please bring it with you to your appointment along with any accessories associated with it such as liners, hardware, shrinkers, socks, etc.

If you currently use an assistive device for mobility, it can be brought and left in the car in case it is needed.

Wellness Programs

Our customized Wellness Programs are designed to address your specific needs with the goal of helping you transition from your physical therapy care to the “real world”.

These programs are also geared for those who would like to begin a program to better health but are unsure where to start.

We offer varied programs, from personalized exercise sessions, to fully independent sessions. Give us a call to learn more about these programs!

Sports Fitness Assessment &Training

We perform a physical assessment based on the goals you have set and devise a custom exercise, agility, or sport specific routine to help you meet your goals.

Treatment Specialties

  • Support and assistance with long term fitness & health needs

  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Long term “wellness” support
  • Physical therapy exercises

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